Painting and Decorating Tips For A Small Living Room in Scarsdale, NY

2022-04-15 Pier Painting Services Scarsdale NY Painting and Decorating Tips For A Small Living Room

It does give us greater joy to be able to breathe life into our living rooms – we spend so much time planning all the things we’ll decorate in it and the colors and elements we’ll incorporate into it.

But what if you’re dealing with a small living room?

It would entail you to tackle with a different strategy and plan when you’re dealing with a living room – one poor decision could lead to an overall bad living room appeal.

So, if you’re looking for help in designing and painting your small living room, well, you’re in the right place.

To alleviate you of your small-living-room-related dilemma, here’s Painting and Decorating Tips For A Small Living Room in Scarsdale, NY.

1. Choose The Right Furniture

In decorating your small-spaced living room, you should be mindful of the furniture you choose to incorporate in it – your choice of furniture should be smart, compact, and space-saving.

Since you’re already working on a small living room, you would benefit the most from medium-sized couches – but make sure to find one that is still comfortable to be in.

Additionally, you would probably want some storage, in which in this situation it would be better to opt for hanging shelves, since they won’t take up any of your floor space and they are incredibly trendy and sleek.

Lastly, you would benefit the most from having mirrors in your living room, because they create the illusion of a bigger space, thus, will be helpful in your mission of enlarging your living room space.

2. Paint Your Walls With Neutral, Lighter Colors

It is common knowledge that darker paint colors tend to make a space confining and cramped, as they reflect significantly lesser light.

So, in your quest of painting your small living room, you would benefit the most by painting your walls with neutral, lighter colors.

Lighter colors expand a space because they reflect more light, and this in turn creates the illusion of a freer, wider space.

This is why lighter, neutral colors are recommended for small spaces and open houses, as they create the illusion of a bigger space.

Shades of creams, eggshell whites, and a bit of light beige will be perfect for this one – not only do they help enlarge your space, but they will make your space effortlessly sleek and modern.

3. Let The Light In

In enlarging your living room space, it would also be better for you to open more of your windows and let the light in.

Try to open your windows more so you can let some of that gorgeous natural lighting in.

This doesn’t only help enlarge your space, but it also helps establish a bright, cheery, and airy vibe for your living room, making it a space that is both appealing and extremely inviting.

You could choose to simply open up some of your windows, which won’t cost a dime, or opt for a more expensive but extremely transformative project of putting a skylight.

Having a skylight in your living room will not only provide your living room that much-needed natural light, but it will also be cost-effective, as you won’t be needing as many artificial light fixtures in your living room.

Talk about green solutions!

4. The Lesser, The Better

Lastly, in your quest of painting and decorating your small living room, one rule that is extremely obvious and yet still overlooked is: the lesser, the better.

Since you’re already working on a small space, it would be much better for you to cut down and filter all the elements and things you plan to incorporate, and just leave the essentials.

If you’re worried about storage space, you can opt for space-saving solutions, such as having a sofa that also functions as drawers from underneath, or hanging shelves.

Additionally, it would also be better for you to stick with lighter and non-bulky materials, such as wood and rattan, as these will help give your living room a much more airy and free atmosphere.

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