Guide to Painting an Accent Wall in Larchmont, NY

2022-04-01 Pier Painting Services Larchmont NY Guide to Painting an Accent Wall

If you’re finding that your home interior has been getting dull and boring lately, an instant fix to that might be painting an accent wall.

Accent walls are a striking and fun addition to any wall, and will be perfect in elevating the overall appeal of your home interior.

So, if you’re currently looking for tips and tricks to guide you in your latest home interior painting project – we’ve got your back.

Here’s a Guide to Painting an Accent Wall in Larchmont, NY.

1. Choose The Right Wall

The first step in painting an accent wall is deciding which one to use.

There are several factors to consider in selecting the perfect and ideal wall; these include the location of the wall, if it is spacious enough to design, and the sort of lighting that the wall receives.

Essentially, you want to end up with a wall free of any furniture or cabinets, so it will not be obstructed and can be seen in its full glory. 

You’d want to think about this long and hard, because this choice determines the entire success and make-up of your painting project.

Once the paintbrush hits the surface and you’ve started painting, it’ll be hard to go back to square one once you realize it’s not the right wall to paint on and want to switch.

2. Conceptualize Your Design

An accent wall is defined as a wall that differs from the surrounding walls in appearance, whether via color or the presence of patterns and textures, and it is these differences that make an accent wall so stunning and exciting.

So, while creating your accent wall, you’ll need to decide on an overall design, whether it’s a simple single color or a vibrant pattern and wall art.

Additionally, there are several design ideas just available online; a simple search and click will yield a plethora of options, so just give it a scroll to see which one will fit best to your taste.

As long as you end up with a design that makes you ecstatic and excited to get it painted on your walls, you’re good to go!

3. Choose Your Colors Properly

After you’ve finalized your accent wall’s general design, it’s time to choose your paint colors!

Basically, once you’ve created the general concept, you’ll have a list of colors in mind, so you can now head to your local hardware store and request paint samples to decide which colors best suit your inspiration.

You should also keep in mind that lighting plays an important role in the appearance of colors.

Some colors may seem slightly darker or lighter in different lighting, so do the wise thing and test paint samples in the lighting that will be used on the surface you’ll be painting on.

4. Prepare The Room For Painting

When you’re done getting out to buy paint and other necessary materials for painting your accent wall, the next step would be to prepare the room you’re going to be painting. 

To do this, you’ll want to get a painter’s tape to cover all surfaces and corners that you don’t want to be painted on, as well as plenty of newspapers and drop cloths to protect the floor from paint drips and spills. 

Also, remember that painting an accent wall takes time, so make sure the area you’re painting isn’t in use at the moment.

Lastly, do not forget to prep the surface you’re painting – assess it first for any damages and cracks, repair it accordingly, and clean it as needed – this is important to the success of your project!

5. Don’t Forget Your Primer

When you’re ready to paint your accent wall, start with the first and most important step in painting: applying a layer of primer.

This will assure the quality of your project, provide you greater overall coverage, and make your colors seem brighter and more brilliant, all of which are desirable qualities for an accent wall.

Additionally, primer will extend the longevity and durability of your accent wall, allowing it to remain attractive and durable for a longer time.

6. Be Creative and Enjoy Painting!

When you’re all done with the steps above, all there’s left to do is now paint!

In painting your accent wall, make sure that you’re being creative and enjoying your work.

Have fun!

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